Caroline Center was founded in 1996 on the bold vision of Mother Caroline Friess, SSND (1824-1892), the woman who established the School Sisters of Notre Dame in North America and whose passion for education and deep concern for persons whom society had marginalized remains central to our mission. 

Caroline Center offers its holistic education and career skills training program to capable women who are ready for change – women who would most benefit from the program and would not otherwise have the opportunity. Caroline Center’s mission is to empower each woman to reach the fullness of her potential so that she can create a future of hope for herself and her family.

Our program consistently scores well above the national benchmarks for successful workforce development organizations, making Caroline Center one of the most effective career skills training programs in the country.

Caroline Center, is celebrating 26 years of commitment to women and commitment to work in 2022, is accredited by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, the Maryland Board of Nursing, and the Maryland Board of Pharmacy.