Caroline Center remains committed to you throughout your academic and career journey. As a graduate and honored "member for life," Caroline Center strives to offer you opportunities and enjoyable ways to stay connected and in touch with the "sisterhood" you make so very special by your presence. Whether it's joining with your PT1 group for an informal gathering, checking out the latest opportunities for additional professional certifications or educational degrees, joining us for graduation, sharing your words of wisdom and support with new trainees, or celebrating with us at a Caroline Center community-wide event - we want to help you stay connected! 

If you have career news and success stories to share with your former classmates and colleagues, we hope that you will reach out to Maria Beteta in the Marketing & Communications office. She would love to hear from you! 

Remember to check us out on Facebook and join Caroline Center's Graduate Group - it's a great way to keep up with your Caroline Center sisters and a really easy way to stay in touch.

As always, we hope you will reach out to Michelle Barker, Rashad Williams, and the whole Academic and Career Advancement team as you consider the next important steps in reaching the professional and educational goals you have set for yourself.