Caroline Center is a nonprofit workforce development organization serving women in Baltimore. We provide a safe and supportive community (our trainees like to call it “a sisterhood”) where women can learn and become their best selves.

Caroline Center offers its holistic education and career skills training program to capable women ready for change – women who would most benefit from the program and would not otherwise have the opportunity. Caroline Center’s mission is to empower each woman to reach the fullness of her potential so that she can create a future of hope for herself and her family.

Caroline Center is an open door for women who are experiencing unemployment or are stuck in low-wage jobs. We give women the opportunity to receive an education and career skills training that will put them on a path to greater earning and learning potential and will give them significant opportunities for professional and educational advancement.

We serve as a stepping stone for courageous women who are committed to change, have the desire to learn, and who are committed to providing the very best compassionate patient care.

Most importantly, we provide an empowering education and highly effective career skills training program – all inspired by the School Sisters of Notre Dame – that is transformational. We believe that when you change a woman’s life, you change families, communities, cities, and, ultimately, the world.