Teaching That Empowers

An education that’s inspired by the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) is, first and foremost, an empowering education. We’re talking about individualized teaching that engages and solid learning that sticks with a person and produces results. And, when women learn together in a supportive environment – whether it’s a formula for compounding drugs or a technique for transferring a patient from his bed to a wheelchair – knowledge is retained and good skills are consistently applied.

An education that is powered by SSNDs makes for a holistic program and approach. It’s an education that imprints itself on the whole woman – mind, body, and spirit. Whatever is essential to know – as a professional and as a person – is woven into the fabric of our teaching, so that learning is strong, sustainable, and seamless.

When a woman graduates from Caroline Center, she has knowledge and skills she can call her own and a new profession that she can claim. She also has a life that is fuller and richer than the day she entered the program. Caroline Center graduates women who are ready for work and ready to lead fuller lives.