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Caroline Center Community News

Partners with the Weinburg Foundation

Executive Director Pat McLaughlin, SSND, and several members of the Caroline Center staff attended the Weinberg Foundation’s Annual Community Gathering at the Hippodrome Theatre on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, to help the foundation celebrate “the partnerships and collective support,” which make the work of the foundation possible.

Caroline Center’s mission of educating underserved women in Baltimore City so that they can take the first step away from poverty and into careers that will help them build better lives for themselves and their families is one of the critical ways that the work of the foundation finds local expression.

In a letter to Sister Pat from foundation President Rachel Garbow Monroe, Caroline Center was thanked for “engaging in such meaningful and powerful ways, not just this year but always, to build the legacy of Harry and Jeanette Weinberg.”

Creating a More Vibrant East Baltimore
Caroline Center was chosen to participate in a research study being conducted by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health/Urban Health Institute and the East Baltimore Community Health Initiative.


The study aims to identify important neighborhood assets and resources and to determine the health issues that are foremost in the minds of east Baltimore residents. Interviews were conducted with Caroline Center staff and trainees who shared their positive experiences of living and working in east Baltimore as well as what they felt were the strengths of the community.


The focus of the research project is to create solutions and strategies “to improve the health and well-being of residents of all ages who live in east Baltimore through sustainable health collaborations.” Caroline Center was chosen to participate in the study because of its holistic approach to educating women and its mission of strengthening individuals, families, and neighborhoods in east Baltimore and all of Baltimore City.