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Caroline Center Staff Leaders Say 'Hello'

Pat McLaughlin
Patricia McLaughlin, SSND
Executive Director

(410)563-1303 X 22
Sr. Pat has been here as long as Caroline Center has been here (The program, not the 1908 building, that is!).  She thinks her job is the best one ever because what other SSND gets to do as many different things in one day?  On any given day she can be found shoveling  snow from the sidewalk (winter only), introducing an employer to our program, meeting with leaders of peer organizations, giving a tour of the building to a prospective donor, or (her favorite) convincing a trainee that she has what it takes to complete the program.

Patricia Murphy SSNDPatricia Murphy, SSND
Assistant Director

(410)563-1303 X 13







Dave HaddadDave Haddad
Finance Director

(410)563-1303 X 29
Dave ascribes to the “Whistle While You Work” work ethic. Perhaps that, and the classical music we hear wafting from his office, is what has enabled him to transition to an accountant!

Mitch Crook Mitch Crook
Development Director

(410)563-1303 X 31

Mitch was raised in a home with 5 sisters so he knows a few things about women power!   He never misses an opportunity to tell the Caroline Center story to anyone who will listen – and few can resist his power of persuasion. Mitch believes passionately that the way to create strong women, strong families, and strong communities is “to teach a woman to fish" rather than to give her a fish.

Nancy ShermanNancy Sherman
Marketing & Communications Director

(410)563-1303 X 25

Nancy grew up in a row house in Anacostia, where as a pre-toddler, her mother carried her to the front porch when the mail came to sing “Tutti frutti, oh rutti. Wop bop a loo bop a lop bom bom.” to the postman. Today, she writes more than she sings, thank goodness. And, if she ever doubts the power of words to connect people to each other, she just remembers “Tutti Frutti.

Jackie BuedelJackie Buedel
Academic & Career Advancement Director

(410)563-1303 X 37

Jackie has never met a Caroline Center graduate she doesn’t love (actually, none of us has)! Jackie’s former career as the president of a steel company and her stint as a CC volunteer provided her with a perfect resume to head up our academic and career advancement program.  We’ve heard rumors of her wild and crazy student days which perhaps is the secret ingredient to her connect-ability with our grads—could ALL of those texts be just about financial aid  or job promotion?

Ann Cunningham
Technology & Special Projects Director

(410)563-1303 X 14

Ann has had more diverse jobs in her 10 years at Caroline Center than most people have in a lifetime.  Whether she was managing our upholstery shop, designing our web page, teaching interviewing skills, or making one of Sr. Pat’s harebrained ideas become a reality,  Ann’s desire to help women achieve their goals of stable employment has been her driving force.  Did we mention she also trouble shoots our technology problems, manages our database and runs our staff Christmas party like Scrooge on a good day?